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(cdr full-length/edt of 80) $5

Holy smokes. D/Wolves is gold. So strange and thrilling and groovy and damn lush. Incredible confidence and ability from these youngsters from San Diego. It's somehow mystical, pop, and thumping all at once. I don't love singing that often, but Jessie brings it. Buy it for your relatives and they will put you in their will. You are a catfish, d/wolves are the fishermen, you are hooked and you are happy. Not since USF have I been so thrilled to put something out. And an awesome Dune reference to boot!

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(cdr full-length/edt of 50) $5

Sam is awesome. Buried pop tastiness as viewed through sandy sunglasses. The cover art (balloons on a ceiling, viewed upside down) reminds me of the effect of Birthdays' music as it's psychedelic, but in a sober way that's refreshing. This ep is filled to the brim with ace hooks and handcrafted percussion boogie. I fell in love with these songs immediately and he pulls them off great live. Sam is going to be someone when he grows up, dammit.

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(cdr full-length/edt of 60) $4

I was supposed to release this so long ago. As an apology to the world it's a dollar cheaper. Immense, intense split. Legion tracks by both artists. Holzkopf, Canadian noise spectrum. Uterozzzaaa, schizo-brain salad from Japan that makes Melt Banana sound like Soul Coughing. over 16 tracks and 55 minutes everything is destroyed, nothing remains. every sound that has ever occurred is somehow buried within. Bafflingly complimentary storm fronts collapse into nihilistic doomsday. Rad art by JakeHolzkopf.

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KING CRAB-Downwarring
(cdr full-length/edt of 50) $5

I always loved KC, but Downwarring is a definite step forward in their quest to stay strange. A moog/drums duo at their core, here they step out and around, coming frighteningly close to structure, something they've tended to avoid in the past. As well, when past textures were intentionally born from shoddy gear, they take their time here to brew a more tempered elixir. Always heady, sometimes crabby, the king reigns on. Sadly, the Crab is no more for now. Ryan moved to the UK, hopefully we'll see ZK with a theremin album someday. Cover art is ZK and his TV experiments.

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COLOR RABBIT-Snowdrift Constellations & Moon Landing
(cdr full-length/edt of 50) $5

emotional intrigue pans through your personal space in the shape of curved, thin, neon lines and washes of rippling fabric.  intentionally un-pin-downable, songs cascade like hot honey.  all manner of instrumentation are at home here.    exploring the compositional boundaries between the song and the flow.  centered meditation hallucinations! another gift to the world from patrick, who continues to put out increasingly high quality work at a youthful stride.  art by the man himself.  color rabbit continues to be one waskiy wabbit.

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GDFX-Altered Ego
(cs-30/edt of 50) $5

i first met greg at a record fair, super nice dude.  greg is a madman.  he plays drums for teethmountain, the dan deacon ensemble, and liturgy.  holy shoot.  gdfx is what greg does on his own.  blasted out, distorted speaker vibrations of street beat, 8bitz nostalgia, and more than a few hidden 'singles', this is a continuous 28 minute track, lovingly packaged on cassette.  clever, giddy, and spaz-dance-worthy, you can hear greg laughing to himself throughout.  the sound of ancient future, for sure!

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INFURIUM-The Black Arts
(cdr ep/edt of 50) $5

Vanterious is 19 and hails from Tennessee. Vanterious channels the darkness of Scandanavian blackmetal through the diy/one-mand-band ethos of those like Xasthur to offer you this collection of ritualistic jams. Like all my favorite black metal, Vanterious gets the ingredients right between depression/gloom and driving melody. Tennessee is the new Norway.

ARKLIGHT-Shards and Ashes
(cdr full-length/edt of 100) $5

the first you notice about Arklight's new full-length is how much more introspective and personal this release sounds. included are all the Arklight trademarks you know you love: the disorienting panning, the psychic sampling, the deader-than-deadpan vocals, but with a heavier emotional weight than previous releases. Arklight, always confusing, ever intriguing, and never so pure. and great sample from my personal favorite blur song ever, blue jeans. sweet dvd case packaging.

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ROBE-The Dying Light
(cdr full-length/edt of 100) $5

oh yeah. straight-up ambient doom. Robe. are a thousand amps on the top of a black mountain. Robe. is an immense, abandoned sinking ship scrapping against brittle corral. their sounds are not antagonistic as much as the atmosphere and echoes of a physical space in which apparition aplenty roam and kick over everything in dreary slow-mo. dark and vague and strong.

(cdr full-length/edt of 100) $5

hot on the heels of their quickly sold out ep, USF are back to light up your life with a killer full-length. Imagine you are sixteen, skinny dipping in a remote lagoon of clear water surrounded by cgi jungle animals with golden boom boxes... that's sort of what it sounds like, but the reality is more colorful and relaxing. super organic produce, digitally produced with beats and melody. featuring guest appearances by blind man's colour, big spider's back, and alaskas. definitely one of my absolute favorite LFT releases to date. pack your bong. summer is here.

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SPARAGMOS-Life Conditions
(cdr ep/edt of 50) $5

LFT mega-verteran sparagmos with another ep of one-man-band homespun indie goodness. sparagmos reminds you what was so right about the honest, proficient instrumental guitar bands of the late 90s. and he finds the time despite recently becoming a father (one of the tracks is a lullaby to his son). clearly made by one content dude. music for slowly driving around rural pennsylvania, which is what my homeboy does. go eric!

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(cdr full-length/edt of 50) $5

two of my favorite sound friends made a split together and it's the best i've heard from either. both have gotten a ton of support and fans of either will be stoked by what happens when they play this. the five spermwhales tracks are his most extreme in their purity, beauty and grace. the colorabbit tracks are somehow both more focused and more stream-of-conscious affairs. rad album art and insert by colorabbit. the first time i played this i was playing boggle stoned and i still can't shake my first experience with this release. this is a sweet treat with 13 songs running 58 mins!


Gamehenge 09-various artists
82 minute free download!

LittleFuryThings presents Gamehenge 09!!!!

A mammoth compilation of 100 sound artists covering Phish's mythic Gamehenge album!! This massive collection of new artists offers a refreshing vantage point from which to consider Phish's psychedelic music tradition and to shed light on possible future avenues. The point of this release is to breathe new, forceful vision into this modern piece of Americana mythology. 82 minutes of full color sound!!!

!!!click here to download for free...!!!

art by Miruki Tusko / Yannick Val Gesto -

featuring (in order)...
william rowler collins , a minority of one, robe., eat cloud, powdered wigs, robe., core of the coalman, milch of source, GDFX, flying squirrel, avi bear, gangi, jinbaobabtuner, faith/lightspeed, cameron wisch, the questionmarks, karl blau, padna, capitol k, whitman, keepbullfighting , struktur, kixly, color rabbit, liek twi, christian science minotaur, onna curry, say no to architecture, magic pencil, alstair crosbie, saber khan, universal studios florida, goodwillies, leo, teeth mountain, powerpillfist, willson, larkin grimm and movie, hirth, monkeyking, hirth, anna laplantine, strawberry bones, holzkopf, blue sabbath black fiji, verdun, catfish rivers, cowford mind destruction, truckasauras, pjtr kaufmann, ryan garbes, happiness is here to stay, video hippos, shitmat, manburger surgical, 1234567890, radioshock, tunnels, teenage souls, tetrix, good journey, gangpol and mit, c. diehl, arklight, king crab, yellow crystal star, woman year, ice cream creatures, loplop, bad orb, alex ookpik, pdl, yellow weekend, shelf da muzik, jason kocol, some weird sin, towering heroic dudes, yonderverse, rad wolf, fyoelk, bertuf, RINGS, the puddle parade, rivers, spermwhales, antique brothers, quincy quartz, the lava children, sparagmos, spinach, mit nye band, scissor shock, nullkommajosefh, sailor winters, sean reardon, mother33, satanicporncultshop, semiconductors, ali usurper, ra'shkatan, fake krishnas, mezcup

Even though the album is free, we're asking a $5-10 donation to Explore Charter School's (Brooklyn) trip fund

What is Gamehendge? Gamehendge (also known as The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday) was originally written and recorded by Trey Anastasio, the main songwriter for Phish, for his senior thesis at Goddard College between '87 and '88. It is a nine-song concept album about other planets, lizard people, and the like. It basically sounds like wacky jam music peppered with spoken narrative. There has never been a studio recording made of Gamehendge. Phish has only performed Gamehendge live five times (1988, 1991, 1993, and twice in 1994) a fact which, considering that they have performed thousands of shows, has pushed this work to mythical heights...

for a breakdown of plot and characters check out:

thanks for listening!


COLOR RABBIT-Space Placement
(cdr full-length/edt of 30) $5

i hear new things every time i enter its foliage. 48 minutes of beautiful, forward-tumbling, stream-of-unconsciousness. sliding from camp sing-songs to digital deconstruction to buried-alive folk wonderment, everything encapsulated. this is what i imagine when i imagine what i want music to sound like. rad art and insert by the man himself.

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(cdr full-length/edt of 20) SOLD OUT!!!!
please email the artist directly:

faith/lightspeed's full-length is weird. it makes you feel confused. like, there are 5 songs playing at the same time confused. which is exactly why this album rules so much. something is very right in all this wrong. strange, crooked samples fistfight with i-don't-want-to-do-my-chores-bedroom-guitar and it all ends up personal and honest. music so free.

here you get the seven song ep "meth" plus 12 bonus tracks for a whopping 1.2 hour brainfart-monsoon! rad, rad coverart by f/l, every copy is hand drawn and hand colored and they look amazing. great cover shots on his myspace.

visit f/l @ MYSPACE!


REALAX-Apollo Guise
(cdr full-length/edt of 50) SOLD OUT!!!!

Heavy-smoke-drone-core by Brooklyn's Josiah. Sound-design-spreads meld into psych-drum-nostalgia. Alien melodies overtake rusting hardrives... buried and unburied and reburied emotions surface in treated guitars peaking through. Fuzzy and textured, but never harsh. Endless foreign soil to explore. organic? electronic? Beautiful, strange, full-length, debut! Art by Josiah.

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(cdr full-length/edt of 50) - SOLD OUT!!!!

Trip fantastic. Gentle uplifting harmonies breath on walkers-pace-beatage. Proper driving music for the carefree and generous soul! Hints of golden-age Reflex from wise new-youth (more fun than fun itself). Debut from Seattle with 28mins of neon-fractal-fabric you can chair-dance to. Lovingly packaged with heart cloth, fresh inserts, and art by USF

visit USF @ MYSPACE!


(cdr full-length/edt of 50) $5

This album has a very strange effect on me every time i listen to it. Recorded with dream-quality, 20H8 is a heady witch's brew made of false-starts, mistaken digital glitches, whispered band banter, and some of the most magical jamming i've ever heard (yes, i said... "magical jamming"...). The tape rolls and truly amazing things happen, constantly, as plans are folded.. origami happenstance.
..each package includes a unique piece of paper-art by Saber and Krew!


SPERM WHALES-Endless Sea Of Clouds
(cdr full-length/edt of 50) SOLD OUT!!!!

Brent lives in Maryland and makes beautiful music. all instrumental, slowly unfolding, casual puzzles. paisley fractals abound with each track. sometimes acoustic, sometimes electronics, always peaceful as a day without work and nothing to do. packaged in burlap pouches with a nice insert and CD marker art by Brent. this album is fullll length!

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The Questionmarks vs. New York City (vol. 1)

(cdr ep/edt of 50) SOLD OUT!!!!

The Questionmarks are from japan and they play mindboggling garage fuzz. this ep has got an alternate universe radio hit in 'the ghost left town' on which a member of DMBQ guests and features sweet chick-vocal breakdown! also features some great live tracks, two bizarre folksy tunes with Keito's grandma and grandpa, and a noise freakout. i feel cool as shit when i listen to this...guitar sounds swirl everywhere. packaged in nice brasspinned paper with weird insert.

visit the ?'s @ MYSPACE!


FARMACIA-Nosocomio Manicomio
(cs16/edt of 50) $6

these guys freak me out. they would make straight-up, spot-on future-party-electro if they didn't end up visiting the pharmacy and making music like this. what we have here is electronic dance music that is more than a bit blurry around the edges. as fun to listen to as it certainly was to make. these guys go to weird parties. fresh cassette package!

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ARKLIGHT-Welcome to the NHK Wasteland
(cdr full-length/edt. of 50) - SOLD OUT!!!!

Confounding in a completely unique way, arklight are a legitimate gateway drug of sound. tracks are like old pillows piled on top of each other until edible: meaningful babble penetrates mud when it wants to, guitar lines lie down on the carpet, drum machine beats don't disturb the neighbors all that much. time for you to feel mo' crazy. NHK is housed in a DVD box because it looks cool that way. they live in queens.

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Holzkopf-thank god for soft times & hard beats
(cdr full-length/edt. of 50) - SOLD OUT!!!!

'...a futuristic neon-activist dance party is suddenly broken up by tazer-police atop genetically modified black stallions. as the coppers rush in with their electro-prongs, they are suddenly overtaken by an off-radar static squall... ' i don't know what about this music makes me think of a battered judge dred comic, but it does. i love battered judge dred comics. holzkopf music is technologically adept and human as heck and thank god for jake hardy. nice heavy paper secured with copper clip. jake is from saskatchewan canada.

visit Holzkopf @ MYSPACE!


Mother 33 - Frozen Children; Broken Streetlight; Empty Building; Search Party: Anxiety LFT-035

CD (w/ 2 buttons, patch, and poster!) - $8.00

CD package with T-shirt! - $13.00

visit Mother 33 @ MYSPACE!

I first met Stan and Chris when they hopped on a tour with Marc Antony. They were on their way to play a show up in New Paltz, i was tagging along with some friends who were playing the same show. That night, in a basement in the middle-of-nowhere in upstate new york Mother33 played and, much to my delight, completely confounded the post-hardcore crowd. Stan had his key-tar, Chris had his mic. they slayed. its all industrial and electro and high on sugar. i love Mother 33 with all my heart. they hail from Russellville, Arkansas.


Christian Science Minotaur-map 2 of 9 (cdr/30mins/edt. of 40) SOLD OUT!!!!

Not on the hooves of map 1, XSM sweep the crumbs and sawdust aside to make room for more fiberous sound debris. map 2 is the re-creation of a live set they performed once and cared for dearly. lovingly packaged in origami CD sleeves with notes from a real-life typerwriter.

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Padna-The Terror at Sedona Rock (DVD 25mins./edt. of 50) $6

Culled from a pile of experimental instant videos (the audio is local, live and recorded directly into the camera) padna made over a seasonal year, "The Terror at Sedona Rock" is a meditative staring contest. for fans of some serious alone time.


LFT Comp '08: homini, homini, hominid

A sixteen track pile-up of a compilation featuring heart-rendering, fully liquidated, primal fun from twelve artists of the LFT stable. some released, pre-released, and exclusive truffle oils for you to syphon.

this is maybe the best thing ever?

digital download only, for free here

  Christian Science Minotaur-map 1 of 9 (cdr ep/edt. of 30)

Over the last seven years xsm have been horrifying the local science/sound community in their vain attempt to turn gold into straw. this is the first of a series of nine "map" eps that will chronicle their progress and eventual messianic downfall.

-PICS- 1 2 3 4 5 6

  LOPLOP-are those wizard hands? (3 cdr eps/edt. of 50) -$8

One rainy afternoon, sister Lop and brother Lop found a dusty ukulele and violin in their parent's attic . not knowing how to play the instruments, they started to make sounds that became songs. this debut ep comes in three parts: a solo section from each Lop, and a collaborative song cycle under LopLop. physical packaging includes three cds in a mongo-laminated sleeve.

Free download of TheseAreWizardHands pt. III here!

  Padna-there are so many fish in heaven pt. II (cdr ep)-$5

Trying to clean his unkept home, padna stumbled upon a battered copy of old recordings. listening to it, the sounds skittering madly, new moments unfolded from old. jumping from his wooden stool he reorganized these skips into what this is: a 23 minute piece constructed from eighty-three select CD skips from a single song. limited physical packaging includes five color photos in a manilla envelope.

Download for free here!

  Padna- the shore that feared the sea
(cd-full length + 30min dvd/edt. of 250) -$10.99

Padna's third full-length comes correct with outlandish examples of perplexed joy and friendly fire! A fine variety of personal experiences embedded directly into the sounds as all manner of tangible (and otherworldly) objects are employed in this valiant effort for communal empathy. This is as beautiful and strange as it wants to be. Built around a conceptual root, Padna invites all manner of process into the recordings- a chair creek becomes a bird flock, a car passing becomes a glacier thaw, computer ticks become a cow heart.

*DVD Clip!*
The accompanying DVD, Hidden Animals, was conceived while Padna (sound) and C.Diehl (video) toured together in the summer of '06 through the north-west. This DVD is an elaborate expansion of their live collaboration- it smokes. AND it all comes in a lovely hand crafted white-felt shelter! geez-louise!

  Ernest George-restaurant blvd.
(cdr/two discs: one originals, one covers/edt. of 40)


George Harrison (yup, that's his real name) has been writing original music for over 10 years. By day he rocks out at his grocery store job, by night he works the local karaoke circuit, and when he's home he writes damned honest music. He sings about everything you don't: monkeys, chicken, salad bars, and the restaurant blvd. This is the first time George's music has been made available. Also included is a bonus disc of George covering his favorite classics from do-wop to Neil Young!
*lovingly packaged in a dvd-case!


Sparagmos-entwine (cdr/full-length/edt. of 30) -
SOLD OUT!!!! get it digital on the order page!

A new song-oriented lp from Sparagmos, his third for the LFT hit factory! More centered around acoustics and live drums, this one is full of sparkle melody and floor-board rhythm from this one-man band. Here in lies the sound of indie nostalgia filtered through rural settings. Beware of a late album detour into a disruptive monkey food fight! This dirty nailed song-farmer already has his next long-player in full harvest.

visit Sparagmos @ MYSPACE!!!

  The Galactic Burrito Affair-s/t
(cdr/two track, 20 minute ep/edt. of 30) -$5

A wooly blend of off-kilter sound events meticulously collaged into a fashionably drafty cape! Two tracks, each recorded over a two-day period (one in buffalo, one in brooklyn) combine to form a psychedelic cavalcade of happy circumstances and disruptive bio-rhythms. These 20 minutes contain every sound in the universe. This is a Sporagmos/Padna collaboration

*The cover art is a "finish-my-picture" project between the two sound pirates, every cover is different, so super-limited! duh!

  LFT Compilation '05 (cdr-full length/edt. of 100) -$3

Holy Moses! A super celebration of the second coming of LFT! 13 artists spread out over 23 tracks from handsome old flames to adorable new crushes. A spastic joyride through the LFT universe featuring soundtrack music for every event that could ever happen to you (brushes with death, dandelion wine holidays, kites stuck in elm trees, you name it)! Compiled by Padna with wondrous flair and daft attention to detail.

  Padna-goofy gushy (cdr-double full length/edt. of 100)

The sophmore double-LP release, Goofy Gushy, was created over three years by Padna, alone at home. Using a thorough sound spectrum of household cleaning supplies, incidental weather, pseudo-traditional instruments, and shamanistic mechanical malfunctions, Padna makes warm imagination music for headphone heroes. Splicing sideways acoustic balladry with over heating casio meltdowns and fuzzy bliss anthems, the eternal quest to "not be sad" drives Padna onwards.
  Happiness Is Here To Stay- ant varnish eee
(3" cdr-ep/edt. of 30)
SOLD OUT!!!! get it digital on the order page!

Spinach and Clover grew up in the same town and shared a backyard fence. They didn't really hang out until many, many years later when they both ended up in Brooklyn where they started jamming and quickly decided that... happiness was, in fact, here to stay. H.I.H.T.S. compose after-hours anthems for barn animals utilizing rhythm boxes, sound string sticks, and junkyard synths.
Their debut release, Ant Varnish EEE, spans styles from voice collage to crafty pop to robo-dose rock. Good times from handsome men.


Spinach-Peanut Butter Pirates (cdr-ep/edt. of 30)
SOLD OUT!!!! get it digital on the order page!

One half of H.I.H.T.S. steps out into the lemon-lime light to bask in new fruit-flavored sound barrier breachings. Born wearing a fake diamond encrusted "I heart Hip-Hop" baby-t, Spinach is beckoning for his favorite genre to co-exist with the current planetary noise evolution. A mysterious urban dweller who dreams about lake houses and skittle parades, Spinach is part glob-hop, part electro-cution, and all vegetable.

visit Spinach @ MYSPACE!!!!

  LFT Remix Compilation (cdr-full length/edt. of 100) -$4

Fashioned by the IDMlist community, behold these inventive takes on classic LFT gems... awaken, the first official LFT Remix Compilation! A secretive worldwide sound powwow attended by people without faces! Featuring remixes by Jason Forrest, Daedalus, BooksOnTape, William Fields, HeadphoneScience, Thorsten Sideb0ard, Carl Diehl (cococainut), and Spinach!!!

  Cococainut-homeland insecurity (cdr-ep/edt. of 30) -
SOLD OUT!!!! get it digital on the order page!

Like a patriot missile on a cheap sugar high, here comes Cococainut with another dixey cup full of oxygen deprived hip-hop counsel! Contains some of the most direct and poignant disses on our nation's current administration alongside a some of the most asinine meanderings into the human sub consciousness ever set to tape! Only Cococainut can save us now!

  Sparagmos-mood sketches (cdr-ep/edt. of 30) -
SOLD OUT!!!! get it digital on the order page!

Taking a less sample-heavy approach to composition than usual, Sparagmos picked up the acoustic guitar and made merriment. Instrumental, yet strongly narrative in feel, perfect for any deserted island D&D sessions! Visible atmospheres and scented melodies abound!
Eric Daum was the drummer for Buffalo indie-shoegazer legends No Trips For Crowley and Astronaut Lost. This is his second ep as Sporagmos and features three Padna collabor-tration tracks.

  Tropical Tentacles-S/T (cdr-ep/edt. of 40) -$5

An experiment in postal collaboration possibilities... Tropical Tentacles! ... padna (east coast) and carl (cococainut west coast mastermind) came up with this great idea while drunk in Syracuse, many, many holidays ago. The plan seemed simple enough: each artist would compose an original track, mail it to the other person. Then they would remix the first two tracks together independently and mail the remixes... then both would combine the remixes... that's when it started to get really weird...
This cdr chronicles the increasingly bizarre growth of these two original tentacles into a pulsating electr-o-ctopus! Pscyhedelic freakout for the AC adaptor generation! (there's this cool map inside every package explaining the process a little more clearly...). Ten cover variations!

  Us Vs Them-i wrote this in the dark (cdr-ep/edt. of 50) -$3

UVT got back together to record the last three songs they wrote before breaking up. Why? Because they're the three best songs they ever wrote, that's why. Meant to be listened to together, these three tracks create a succinct song cycle of angular smooth math and boyish exaltation. This music will help you ollie higher, I swear.
UVT are a three-piece instrumental indie rock band from Brooklyn that have since gone their separate ways, but still talk.